A Holy Experience

23 Mar
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    I am sitting on a bench with my family by the McGuire Pavilion and the North Lawn. I wasn’t sitting before. #UFtabernacle
  2. This is behind the Reitz Union.
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    I had been lying down, but my mother felt it was unladylike to do so in my dress. #UFtabernacle
  4. I like to rest on benches. It was unladylike because someone I knew was going to come talk to me, and my mother wanted me to sit up and  look presentable.
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    I glance over at a girl in cargo shorts with curly hair that is in a ponytail. #UFtabernacle
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    She squeals and is smiling at bushes by where they fix bikes at the Reitz Union facing the north lawn. #UFtabernacle
  7. I really thought she had lost it at this point. Something I’ve learned is expect anything on this campus…
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    I wonder if she is going insane. She begins to speak. #UFtabernacle
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    From behind the tall bushes emerges a young man who is walking on the brick wall. #UFtabernacle
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    His arms are outstretched, and he is smiling at her. He is very good looking. She is moving her arms beckoning him toward her. #UFtabernacle
  11. I emphasize, that he was VERY good looking.
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    He hops off the wall when he reaches the end and they run toward each other. #UFtabernacle
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    All of us on the bench think they will passionately embrace, but they don’t. #UFtabernacle
  14. They killed the moment, it was a perfect movie moment. They are a cute couple; the kind you would imagine hiking together.
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    They stand and talk. There is evident affection displayed, though. #UFtabernacle
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    She motions toward the tabernacle set up on the North Lawn, “I want to go,” she said. #UFtabernacle
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    He seems to be hesitating. We watch in suspense as they talk out whether they will go into the sanctuary. #UFtabernacle
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    He decides to accompany her, we realized, when he puts his arm around her, and they walk up to the entrance. #UFtabernacle
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    He still seems hesitant. All of us on the bench walk toward the sanctuary to join them on the tour and see if they will stay. #UFtabernacle
  20. We are so nosy. Hispanic all the way.
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    We are behind them, and she pulls out a Bible from her brown shoulder bag. #UFtabernacle
  22. I love those old rustic bags graduate students carry around that look older than they are.
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    He asks her the Hebrew equivalent of a certain word and she shrugs. #UFtabernacle
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    We walk into the tabernacle. An elderly woman is our tour guide and we can barely hear her so we all crowd around her. #UFtabernacle
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    He is very attentive, and she looks excited. #UFtabernacle
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    By the time we reach the laver, the clouds release their rain on us and the temperature drops about 10 degrees. They huddle. #UFtabernacle
  27. The laver is where the priest would wash himself. In the sanctuary it symbolizes baptism and cleaning from sin.
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    A Pakistani graduate student with the name of a boxer, opens his umbrella behind all of us. He is taller than all of us. #UFtabernacle
  29. He was a really sweet guy. He shielded us all from the rain with his umbrella.
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    We go into the Holy Place compartment and we are shielded from the rain and then proceed to the Most Holy Place. #UFtabernacle
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    As we tour, the couple is looking intensely at the Bible matching what the elderly woman is saying to the book of Leviticus. #UFtabernacle
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    When the tour is over, they linger and she says, “That lady is so rad.” They go up to the tour guide and ask her questions. #UFtabernacle
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    At the end they take a book, and they discuss how excited they are. #UFtabernacle
  34. “The Great Controversy” is the name of the book. It is a page-turner.
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    The young man said, “This is stuff you read about, but you never really visualize it.” #UFtabernacle
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    The couple decides to make a run for it and brave the rain. They leave hand in hand taking with them a holy experience. #UFtabernacle

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